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Partagas 150 Signature 'AA'



The most sought after cigars in our inventory.

Released only once in 1995 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Partagas, these cigars feature an authentic 1977 Cameroon wrapper that was aged in Spain; a wrapper you simply won't find on another cigar. This is the real deal from the original 1995 release and they have been patiently aging since. The Partagas 150 blend changed the face of the cigar industry forever. Today, the elusive Partagas 150 is the most sought after collectable. In fact, if you want one you'll have to scour far and wide just to find a few sticks, which today are owned mostly by private collectors. We were able to acquire three sizes from the original release: Partagas 150 Robusto, Partagas 150 C, and even some Partagas 150 Don Ramon. Now available, get these rare sticks while you can. They won’t last long and once they're gone, they're gone forever!

'AA' (Churchill) (7.0"x49)
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Partagas 150 Signature 'AA' (Churchill) (7.0"x49)
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