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'95' rated. Arguably the finest blend of all-time.

Rolled with specially selected Ligero leaf, Oliva Serie 'V' packs a punch due to its full body; however, its strength does not dominate the experience. Specifically aged for a longer period of time than usual, the extra-fermented tobaccos make for an extra-complex flavor profile with layers of pepper, leather, and earthy undertones. This line represents the most intense tasting and richest cigar Oliva has to offer.

To be an authorized Serie 'V' dealer, tobacconists must undergo training from Oliva representatives aimed at providing insight to the unique qualities of the blend. This cigar only contains Ligero leaf (the thickest, darkest leaves on the plant, taken from the top layer), but this 'Special Ligero' is so well-aged, and blended with such precision, the experience is not overwhelming with 'in your face' power. In other words, while Serie 'V' IS quite a potent cigar, it can still be enjoyed by enthusiasts who usually prefer medium-bodied blends.

Upon lighting, Serie 'V' does seem medium in body. But if you cycle the smoke through the nose (retrohale), the strength of the blend will materialize. You will get not just a blast of spice, red pepper, and cacao bean, but also a natural sweetness that perfectly balances Serie 'V''s profile. Potent, powerful, yet smooth with a luxuriously long finish, this '95' rated blend is a must try for all cigar lovers.

No. 4 (Corona) (5.0"x43)
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