Oliva Serie 'V' Double Toro



'95' rated and loaded with flavor.

Rolled with specially selected ligero leaf, all top quality, Serie 'V' packs a punch due to its full body; however, its strength does not dominate the experience. Specially aged and fermented tobaccos make for a complex flavor adding layers of enticing notes of pepper, leather, and earthy undertones. This line represents the strongest and richest cigar Oliva has to offer.

To be an authorized Serie 'V' dealer, tobacconists must undergo special training from Oliva representatives aimed at providing insight to the sheer power of the blend. This cigar only contains ligero leaf (the strongest variety of tobacco), but is blended so the initial taste is not overwhelming with "in your face" power. In other words, Serie 'V' is very strong but can still be enjoyed by individuals who prefer medium-bodied cigars.

Upon lighting, many may believe Serie 'V' is medium in body, but as Jose Oliva himself has explained, if you cycle the smoke through the nose you will realize the true strength of Serie 'V.' Potent, powerful, yet smooth with a long finish, this blend is a must try for all enthusiasts, let alone fans of the Oliva brand. is proud to be among the first distributors to receive Oliva's special training and designation as an authorized dealer.

Double Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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