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Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nds



A gold mine of cigars.

We can't go into too many details about the factory responsible for producing these lovelies, but we can tell you it's a factory responsible for earning over twenty-four 90+ ratings, including a '94' rating for a blend we're sure you've at least seen, if not already experienced. This factory maintains some of the highest practices in quality control and they end up rejecting many cigars, which we've committed to purchasing on a regular basis.

The inventory is excellent, and although we can't describe the exact blends, we can say they are 2nds of one of the hottest brands in the industry.

*Because these are 2nds, sizes are estimates only. For instance, ordering a bundle of robustos will get you cigars around 5.0"x50. Some maybe a little bigger, some maybe a little smaller, but they'll still be a fantastic cigar at an even more fantastic price.

Petite Corona
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