Liga Privada Tubo Sampler


A package for the ages.

Produced by Drew Estate, The Liga Privada No. 9 and Liga Privada T52 are some of the most demanded cigars in the industry. This is because these cigars are rolled only by the most skilled rollers to ensure immaculate construction and incredibly consistent products.  If you’ve been struggling to get your hands on these, here is your chance. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, you’ll receive three of each of these 90+ rated gems in a classic tubo fashion. Purchase the Liga Privada Sampler while you can-you won’t regret it.

Liga Privada Tubo Sampler contains:
3 x Liga Privada No. 9 (6.0”x52)
3 x Liga Privada T52 (6.0”x52)

Liga Privada Tubo Sampler
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