La Perla Habana Black Pearl Rojo Double Toro



The spicest blend from La Perla Habana.

The fullest of the full-bodied Black Pearl blends, this Criollo-wrapped beauty is a must for fans of spicy, full-flavored cigars. La Perla Habana received high ratings upon its release. Noted for its thick smoke, superior construction and smooth, crisp flavors, this brand turned heads throughout the entire industry. We're proud to now carry La Perla's full line. Better yet, we were able to get these premium sticks at a great discount due to some twisted arms and a great relationship, so we decided to simply pass on the savings so you can now enjoy this entire line as your everyday 'gar.

Rojo is potent, strong, and quite an enjoyable pleasure. This blend received a '90' rating by Cigar Aficionado upon its release and for good reason. Outside, you'll find a premium Habana Criollo wrapper that brings a ton of spice and notes of pepper to your palate. The inside showcases a hearty blend of all-Nicaraguan long-fillers to create a bold, robust character from start to finish. Balanced and strong, Rojo may be one of the best La Perla's ever created.

Double Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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