JAVA Red by Drew Estate



A Lil' Cherry is Very, Very Good.

Rocky Patel Java by Drew Estate is among the most popular cigar lines on the market today. From the refreshing Java Mint to the indulgent Java Latte, and the bold Java Maduro, enthusiasts regularly stock their humidors with these infused premiums because of their deep, rich profiles, and pronounced flavors of coffee and cocoa.

Drew Estate has produced another infused handmade that is sure to fit seamlessly into the Java lineup. Java Red features the essence of dark cherry over a core of creamy coffee and rich cocoa. Pairs perfectly with espresso, a smooth stout, or a bourbon straight up, Java Red will capture your attention upon the first draw. The Nicaraguan long-leaf filler combines with the oily Maduro wrapper to create a medium-bodied magic carpet ride of a cigar, taking you on a enjoyable trip to true flavor nirvana. An amazing, one-of-a-kind experience.

Corona (5.0"x42)
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Petite Corona (4.5"x38)
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SingleIn Stock$7.50
Pack of 5In Stock$35.25
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Box of 40In Stock$282.00
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Robusto (5.5"x50)
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SingleIn Stock$9.20
Pack of 5In Stock$46.00
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Box of 24In Stock$220.80
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The 58 (Gordo) (5.0"x58)
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SingleIn Stock$11.00
Pack of 5In Stock$52.75
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Box of 24In Stock$253.20
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Toro (6.0"x50)
SingleIn Stock$10.25
Pack of 5In Stock$48.75
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Box of 24In Stock$234.00
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Wafe (Corona) (5.0"x46)
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SingleIn Stock$8.00
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Box of 40In Stock$300.00
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