Illusione Garagiste



A '91' Rated Boutique

Illusione is one of the premier brands on the market right now with its impressive portfolio of top quality premiums. Each cigar is carefully crafted with hand-selected tobacco, making each experience as good - if not better- than the last. A number of Illusione’s blends have received 90+ ratings, among them is Garagiste.

Named for renegade winemakers who craft so-called “garage wines” in France’s Bordeaux region, the ‘91’ rated Garagiste holds true to Illusione’s unorthodox approach to cigars with its unique blend of Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo wrappers with ligero tobaccos from two regions. The cigar is finished with a Colorado Habano Ecuador wrapper. This medium to full-bodied premium offers a natural subtle sweetness with notes of spice, milk chocolate, and earth. A truly impressive cigar with an intricate profile, Garagiste will surely become a staple in your humidor.  

Gordo (6.0"x56)
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Robusto (5.0"x50)
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Short Robusto (4.2"x50)
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Toro (6.0"x52)
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