HUMI-CARE Black Ice Humidification



Space-saving humidification crystals for multiple capacities.

The most innovative Humi-Care product yet! Humi-Care crystals are one of the most effective methods for humidifying your cigars. The crystals absorb and release moisture, ensuring your humidity remains at a steady 68% to 70%. These patented Black Ice Pie Jars take things a step further; rather than placing a big circular jar in your humidor, these Humi-Care jars separate into four pie pieces, which nestle perfectly in the corners of your humidor. Save even more space while ensuring your cigars are kept in great condition. 4oz humidifies up to 50 cigars. 8oz humidifies up to 125 cigars.

The Humi-Care Black Ice Pie Jar is covered by U.S. Design Patent No. D725,759S.

HUMI-CARE Black Ice Pie Jar 4-oz
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HUMI-CARE Black Ice Pie Jar 8-oz
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