Gurkha Pigtail Toro Collection


Pig Out With Gurkha.

Available in a 6.0"x54, pigtail-capped vitola, Gurkha puts it all on the table with favorites such as Beauty, Beast, Titan, and more. With a name like Gurkha, you know you’re getting quality premiums with top-notch tobaccos. Each mouth-watering blend in this 10-cigar assortment delivers flavors that will undoubtedly please your palate, and have you coming back for more. With hours of pure cigar enjoyment, take advantage of this unique cigar collection before it's gone.

Gurkha Pigtail Toro Collection contains:
2 x Gurkha Beast Toro w/ Pigtail (6.0”x54)
2 x Gurkha Beauty Toro w/ Pigtail (6.0”x54)
2 x Gurkha Titan Toro w/ Pigtail (6.0”x54)
2 x Gurkha Legend Toro w/ Pigtail (6.0”x54)
2 x Gurkha Centurian Toro w/ Pigtail (6.0”x54)

Gurkha Pigtail Toro Collection
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