Graycliff Top-Twenty Sampler


A 5-Star Assortment.

As one of the highest-quality cigars on the market, Graycliff is created specifically for the 5-star Graycliff hotel in the Bahamas. Founded by Avelino Lara, the creator of the well-known Cohiba brand, comes this outstanding, all-in-one, hefty collection. With the Graycliff Top-Twenty Sampler, you have the finest cigars at your fingertips, exuding with elegance from first puff to last. Appreciate the finer things and get your hands on the Graycliff Top-Twenty Sampler today.

Graycliff Top-Twenty Sampler contains:
4 x Profesionale Series PG (5.2”x50)
4 x Double Espresso Series (4.5”x54)
4 x Original Series PG (5.2”x50)
4 x 30-Year Vintage PG (5.2”x50)
4 x 10-Year Vintage Maduro PG (5.2”x50)

Graycliff Top-Twenty Sampler
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