Flor de Bellini

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The Flower of Bellini...

This brand originated in the early 1900s, and was one of the most popular cigars on the market. Over the years Flor de Bellini was gradually forgotten until all that remained was the name and the fond memories of the cigar. A small boutique factory in Nicaragua recently sought to breathe new life into the archaic brand, and a new Flor de Bellini was released as a brick and mortar exclusive.

The popularity of this brand was overwhelming, and is proud to be one of the lucky few online retailers offering Flor de Bellini to its customers. A core of stout Nicaragua long-leaves is tucked beneath a spicy Habano wrapper delivering a robust and complex experience. Coffee will greet you from the start with flavors of spice and dark fruit completing the profile. Flor de Bellini is medium to full-bodied, and will deliver a relaxing repast when you need it most. Try Flor de Bellini today and you’ll see for yourself that in this case, the sequel exceeds the original. 

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