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Don’t miss the show.

These never before seen Diesel’s are quite the attraction. Before you is a rare box of Diesel Unlimited blends all feature in freak show vitolas. So take a gander at one-time release barber pole perfectos, shaggy foots, culebras, and more. Enjoy your favorite Diesel blend with a twist. With names like Frog Boy and Bearded Lady you’d think it’s all a joke, but these sizes take incredible skill to construct. Pick up the collectible, Diesel Sideshow Sampler Box of 7 today.

Diesel Sideshow Sampler contains: 
1 x Diesel Frog Boy (4.5”x60)
1 x Diesel Pin Head (5.0”x54)
1 x Diesel Two-Headed Nightingale (6.0”x60)
1 x Diesel Bearded Lady (6.0”x46)
1 x Diesel Elephant Man (6.0”x52)
1 x Diesel Bohemian Twins (7.0”x38)
1 x Diesel Strong Man (7.0”x58)

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