Coffee Bean Direct - Zombie Cure


A year-round treat.

Located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Coffee Bean Direct is truly your direct source for outstanding coffee. Established in 2004—independently owned and operated—Coffee Bean Direct blends, flavors, and packages all of their products by hand. Everything from roasting to design is done in-house. Roasting over 70 varieties of coffee, Coffee Bean Direct takes pride choosing the best quality beans, and aims to produce excellent gourmet coffee for your enjoyment.

Zombie Cure: Originally a seasonal blend, Zombie Cure became a huge hit among the premium coffee seeking crowd, and it is now available year-round. Beginning with their Wide Eyes Open blend—their most caffeinated blend—and a sweet, buttery, and salty flavoring combined with beans from India and South America, Zombie Cure has a smoothly balanced body with a medium to high acidity level. If you’re looking for a blend to bring you back to your routine and get you into the swing of things, Zombie Cure is just the antidote.

Coffee Bean Direct - Zombie Cure
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