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Carlos Toraño Exodus Silver



One of Toraño's best!

Endlessly smooth and with a robust, earthy flavor and medium to full body, Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 Silver is one of the best-selling Toraño lines.

The Toraños have consistently produced some of the world's finest cigars since 1916. For four generations, the family has established themselves in every major cigar producing country in Central America. Their success is easy to see in the quality and flavor of the cigars they roll. As one of the world's largest boutique cigar makers, they have been instrumental in the success of the cigar industry.

Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 Silver is the second line extension for the Exodus name. The secret to the blend is in the filler, which utilizes aged tobaccos that hail from Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. This enticing three-country blend is then complemented with a Cuban-seed Criollo wrapper that gives this medium to full-bodied cigar a pleasant citrus, cedar, and nut finish. Strong ratings and excellent consistency from box to box have made this the best-selling cigar made by the Toraños. If you are a Toraño fan, this will quickly become an everyday favorite in your collection. 

Robusto Corto (4.7"x52)
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