Bugatti Humidified Drive Five Pack

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5 out of 5
cigars arrived on time and
cigars arrived on time and were fresh. Tasted great too.
3 out of 5
They were okay but a bit harsh.
2 out of 5
Pretty disappointed - major structural issues with 2 of 3 so far
I hate to be the odd man out, but I'm afraid I am disappointed in this one. I have burned three of the five and found two of them to be very difficult to smoke - one was impossible, actually. Fresh out of the humidified pack, the Ambassador I tried first was very difficult to keep lit: the core would burn but the wrapper would not. I wound up having to cut it and start over, only to find the same issue again. The flavor was good, but it was a real hassle and I wound up not finishing the cigar. The second one I tried was the Quattro Claro, and it was just dandy: nice draw and a really lovely flavor all the way down. The third one, just yesterday, was the Quattro Maduro, and it had the same issues as the Ambassador: the wrapper simply would not burn, resulting in a weird tube of core ash. Additionally, the wrapper was unraveling from the get-go, something I'm just not used to seeing in nice cigars. Finally, the cap was far too dense - merely cutting it would not get any draw at all, so I had to plunge a thin nail into the body of the cigar to get it going. When the wrapper wouldn't burn (resulting in that core), I tried to cut it to relight it, but the already crumbling wrapper just shredded so I abandoned it. I never got the thing going well enough to comment on its flavor. I'm afraid this is not at all what I expect from a cigar sampler, and I've never before seen such problems with a group of cigars - while I'd be delighted if all of them had turned out as well as the Claro, the sticks in my sampler have not lived up to expectations.
5 out of 5
Teriffic New Brand
These are really very good; I particularly like the fact that they have designed a shorter cigar which will smoke in 20 minutes to half an hour (a very useful product indeed) which remains cool and strong throughout the smoke. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from this label.
5 out of 5
Bugatti humidified Drive 5 pack
My first time with the Bugatti cigars, I was very pleased with the smoke 💨 2 down 3 to go!!!
5 out of 5
2 Thumbs up!
Absolutely amazing. Get them while the deals are good. I Gave the following ratings: Ambassador: 95, 96, Bugatti Quattro Claro Robusto : 2 93's, Signature and Bugatti Quattro Maduro Robusto all 94's. Smooth draws, plenty of smoke, no nicotine hangover, amazing ashes. Claro had a bit of a more resistant draw, but burned excellent. Have stockpiled a few.
4 out of 5
Thumbs up!
Pretty darn excellent! The Ambassadors are my fav. Great draw, even burn lots of smoke output. Have only tried one each of the others, but good enough that I keep an eye out for specials.