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You'll do dances over Bances!

Not to be confused with the modern Canadian brand, these Bances were handmade in Honduras. Originating in Cuba c. 1840, Bances was a common Cuban namesake. The brand was resurrected in 1959 when US cigar makers quickly bought up as much premium Havana tobacco as possible. 

Bances Imported G.S.E. is a small-batch, special edition release, making these sticks a rare breed in more ways than one. Feature the profile of a vintage blend, you have two wrappers to choose from: enjoy the creamy and smooth natural wrapper, or the sweet and rich flavors of the maduro. Both blends feature hand-rolled long-fillers for a premium experience worth every penny. Grab a box today and see what the old world has for you.

Maduro - Brevas (Corona) (5.5"x43)
Box of 25Only 5 Left$54.99
save $13.4925% off
Maduro - Cazadores (Corona Extra) (6.2"x45)
Box of 25Only 3 Left$59.99
save $10.0017% off
Maduro - Uniques (Corona) (5.5"x38)
Box of 50In Stock$99.99
save $30.0030% off
Natural - El Prado (Lonsdale) (6.1"x36)
Box of 25Only 4 Left$52.99
save $13.0025% off
Natural - Imensa (Churchill) (6.7"x48)
Box of 25In Stock$59.99
save $10.0017% off
Natural - President (Presidente) (8.5"x52)
Box of 10Only 2 Left$32.99
save $5.4917% off