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Perfecto perfection. 

AJ Fernandez is a familiar name in the cigar community, and his cigars are among the best-selling and most praised among enthusiasts in-the-know. Here before you is a collection of five of his most flavor packed blends, twenty cigars total, all in a chunky, big-ring, box-pressed, perfecto vitola. Whether you’re an AJ die-hard or a new convert to his bewitching array of handmades, there’s plenty to love here from the sublime Man O’ War Ruination to the utterly decadent Ave Maria Divinia.

AJ Fernandez Box-Pressed Perfecto Collection contains:
4 x Man O War Ruination Perfecto (6.0”x60)
4 x La Herencia Cubana CORE Perfecto (6.0”x60)
4 x HC Series Habano2 Perfecto (6.0”x60)
4 x Diesel Rage Perfecto (6.0”x60)
4 x Ave Maria Divinia Perfecto (6.0”x60)

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AJ Fernandez Box-Press Perfecto Collection
20 Cigars
$257.00 | save $177.01 | 69% off
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
$257.00 | save $177.01 | 69% off

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