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Q & A: Are coronas more flavorful than larger cigars?

Are coronas more flavorful than larger cigars?

12/02/16 | by MR of New York, NY

​​The short answer is yes.  However, it really all comes down to blending. If the wrapper leaf of a particular blend has a flavorful and spicy character, then reducing the ratio of filler tobacco could certainly mean more intensity on the palate, especially if the filler is composed of largely seco or viso leaves. That said, often times sizes within a line are blended differently, to either give each size a unique character or to make them all as similar as possible. For example, if I wanted the corona and robusto to be close in strength and flavor, I'd probably use more ligero in the filler of the robusto, and conversely more viso in the corona.  While many factors combine to determine a cigar's strength and flavor profile, anything is possible in the hands of an experienced blender.

by Tim

Review: La Flor Dominicana Suave

Tim Interesting to the nub...
Sporting a silky Connecticut wrapper, as soon as I lit this up any preconceived notions I had about La Flor Dominicana were smashed. Smooth with hardly any spice at all, this was clearly going to be a great choice for that first cigar of the day. Pairing exceptionally well with my morning coffee, I picked up notes of sweet hay, earth, and cream. Very little spice if any, this is not a bad thing since there are ample nuances throughout, keeping this Dominican interesting all the way to the nub.
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