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Q & A: Are coronas more flavorful than larger cigars?

Are coronas more flavorful than larger cigars?

12/02/16 | by MR of New York, NY

​​The short answer is yes.  However, it really all comes down to blending. If the wrapper leaf of a particular blend has a flavorful and spicy character, then reducing the ratio of filler tobacco could certainly mean more intensity on the palate, especially if the filler is composed of largely seco or viso leaves. That said, often times sizes within a line are blended differently, to either give each size a unique character or to make them all as similar as possible. For example, if I wanted the corona and robusto to be close in strength and flavor, I'd probably use more ligero in the filler of the robusto, and conversely more viso in the corona.  While many factors combine to determine a cigar's strength and flavor profile, anything is possible in the hands of an experienced blender.

by Tim

Review: La Flor Dominicana Suave

Tim Interesting to the nub...
Sporting a silky Connecticut wrapper, as soon as I lit this up any preconceived notions I had about La Flor Dominicana were smashed. Smooth with hardly any spice at all, this was clearly going to be a great choice for that first cigar of the day. Pairing exceptionally well with my morning coffee, I picked up notes of sweet hay, earth, and cream. Very little spice if any, this is not a bad thing since there are ample nuances throughout, keeping this Dominican interesting all the way to the nub.
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Article: Expert Tip: 'Tis the Season for a Seasoned Humidor

​​By: Kelly Luciw

We all know how the temperature changes this time of year. The very cold and dry climate during the winter season often leads to low humidity, leaving your cigars cracked, dry and, ultimately, falling apart. In turn, something as simple as the caps on your cigar can get damaged which results into a hassle-filled cut when wanting to enjoy a premium on a cold winter’s night. Get the most out of your cigars and humidor this season with some tips on seasoning your humidor through the “dry spell.”

Let us start from the outside looking in. As we all expect the same jackets and gloves stuffed away in a tote or hanging up in a forgotten closet to keep us warm year after year, we often forget to take a second look to check and see if everything in our humidors is in working order. Always, always, always, check your humidor. With the lack of humidity during the season, maintaining proper humidification becomes more important.

As a reliable standby, it is always best practice to prepare your humidor with seasoning wipes — one of the most easy and convenient methods to season your humidor. If your humidor is past the point of no return and is as dry as a Christmas tree, turn to our humidification section. Here you will find a plethora of products that are sure to get your humidor seasoned in no time. And, if you’re not in a rush, you can empty out your humidor, place a Boveda 84% seasoning pack inside, and let it sit for 14 days to restore ideal humidity levels so your humidor is no longer dry. Now for an inside look on how to conserve the perfectly seasoned humidor.

Similar to making sure you have an extra set of batteries or chargers ready to go come Christmas morning, make sure your humidification devices are recharged on a regular basis. Common practice is to check your devices at least every 2 months. If things are looking a bit dry, add some distilled water to your device, and you’re more than likely set for a few more months. If you have a crystal bead humidifier, the maintenance can vary from every 2-6 months, depending upon the size of the humidifier. Foam humidifiers require maintenance every 2-3 months.

Last but certainly not least, knowing what you want before opening your humidor is half the battle. The more time spent leaving the lid open is ample time for moisture to escape, and double the time for your devices to regulate back to ideal humidity. Although your humidor may be lined with Spanish cedar, secured with SureSeal Technology, and barricaded with humidifiers and hygrometers, making a decision long before opening up the humidor aids in the preservation of that regulated moisture for your cigars to soak up.

This season don’t let weather be the demise of your humidor and premium cigars, instead be prepared for it. We at hope you’ve gained some useful tips on seasoning your humidor through the “dry spell,” along with maintaining ideal humidification all through the winter season. Now it’s time to sit by a warm fire, relax, and delight in these winter nights filled with premium cigar enjoyment.

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