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Spotlight Brand: Davidoff Yamasa

A new experience from Davidoff.

Davidoff Yamasa—a premium 20 years in the making—introduces its daring and unique blend into the cigar industry. Journeying to the ideal climate and mineral-rich soils of the Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic and with the expertise of Davidoff’s master blender, Henke Kelner, Davidoff Yamasa is one truly and exceptionally deep experience.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Davidoff Yamasa is medium to full-bodied with a deep complexity that is enjoyed by both enthusiasts and aficionados alike. Inside this multi-layered blend that is full of character, you’ll find a San Vicente binder and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic that deliver spice and sweetness, all wrapped in an oily, deep brown Yamasa wrapper. This premium cigar offers notes of cedar, wood, black pepper, coffee, and earth. Be sure to try Davidoff Yamasa, you’ll be glad you did.

Q & A: Does wrapper color indicate a cigar's strength?

Does wrapper color indicate a cigar's strength?

8/31/16 | by JC of Hudson, OH


You cannot be 100% certain of a cigar's strength by simply looking at the wrapper but there are some helpful indicators. Say you were gifted a cigar and can’t seem to find any information on the strength. A Connecticut wrapper which is a light golden color will almost always fall in to the mellow to medium-bodied range. A darker brown wrapper (often featuring some reddish hues), such as Habano or Corojo leaf, are often used on blends that are stronger and full-bodied. Where it can get a little tricky is with the near black maduro wrappers. Many would think that these would always be a stronger cigar but there are plenty of mellow to medium-bodied blends featuring this dark leaf. Wrapper leafs that are often used to create a medium-bodied blend are Cameroon and Indonesian wrappers. These are lighter brown in color and may have a toothy appearance. In the end, there are countless tobacco seed strains in each varietal family that cigar makers experiment with, so simply the color of a cigars wrapper is never a foolproof indicator of the blends strength.

by Dave

Review: Hoyo La Amistad Gold

Dave An Intriguing Collaboration

Developed by the Cuban cigar maker, AJ Fernandez, who has produced some of the finest cigars in Nicaragua, Hoyo La Amistad is a bold move for the legendary Hoyo de Monterrey brand. I have to admit, when I first heard that AJ Fernandez was teaming up with Hoyo for a release, it had me scratching my head, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to light one up. After hearing that AJ Fernandez and his family grew up very near to the Hoyo de Monterrey farm in Cuba I knew he had put his all in this one.

The cigar features perfect construction. Once lit, you know you’re in for a bold and full-bodied treat. While the cigar is strong, it is nowhere near overpowering and there are some nice sweet and spicy notes mixed in that help to balance out the palate. While I didn’t find the blend to be overly complex or change much throughout, Hoyo La Amistad certainly lives up to its historic branding and delivers a classic, Cuban-esque experience that even the most discerning aficionados can enjoy.

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Article: Blind Tasting Blends Under $7

​​​By: David Fisher

Having a hard time finding that great everyday cigar under $7? We’re here to help. Recently, we decided to put our experts’ palates to the test to unbiasedly discover some affordable cigars that both taste and perform well above their pay grade. We asked them to blindly smoke through swarms of different blends, bands removed, and rate each cigar with notes about the construction, flavor, strength, and burn. The only rule was that each cigar we included in the tasting had to be under $7 for a single cigar.

Once the results were in, we took the top five rated blends and put them together to create the Blind-Tasting Awards Sampler. Each sampler contains ten cigars, two each of Brick House Maduro, La Aroma de Cuba, Diesel Uncut, La Perla Habana Morado, and Sancho Panza Glorioso. Pick up all the winners for one low price and decide for yourself. You may just find yourself a new favorite, affordable cigar.


Brick House Maduro

Expert Rating - 9/10

Construction – Top-notch construction from head to foot with a dark    

oily wrapper.

Flavor – Spicy, bittersweet chocolate notes with hints of cedar and sweetness.

Body – On the stronger side but remains very balanced and smooth.

– Produced flaky, white ash but burned very evenly throughout.

La Aroma de Cuba

Expert Rating – 8.5/10

Construction – Exceptional. Firm to the touch with an oily sheen featuring minimal veins.

Flavor – A very spicy blend. A blast of pepper with hints of coffee and leather in the background.

Body – Medium to full-bodied. Would prefer this one after a hearty meal.

Burn – Produced a nice thin burn line with firm, compact, greyish-white ash. No issues.

Diesel Uncut

Expert Rating – 8/10

Construction – Not the best looking of the bunch but no issues with the construction were detected.

Flavor - Delicious; a quintessential Nicaraguan profile. Rich notes of spice, pepper, and cedar.

Body – This is a strong cigar. Full-bodied but was never harsh or unpleasant.

Burn – Beautiful white ash that holds on for quite a while. Nice even burn.


La Perla Habana Black Pearl Morado

Expert Rating – 7.5/10

Construction – Rolled to perfection. A seamless wrapper that is slightly toothy to the touch.

Flavor – Some nice, refined flavor. Very smooth and creamy with hints of cedar and slight spice.

Body – Never surpasses medium. This could be enjoyed at any time of day.

Burn – Wasn’t incredibly straight but not an issue. Flaky ash at times but still manageable.


Sancho Panza

Expert Rating – 7/10

Construction – Nice golden-brown colored wrapper. Very smooth with zero soft spots.

Flavor – A nice mix of sweetness with some cedar, bread, and light pepper notes.

Body – Mellow to medium, but definitely has more body to it than your typical Connecticut blend.

Burn – A dark ash that required a few touch ups throughout, but no major issues.

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