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Spotlight Brand: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro

The next level of Serie R.

Known as Little Havana’s best kept secret, La Gloria Cubana continuously crafts top-notch rich and full cigars that are sought-after by cigar enthusiasts and aficionados alike. An extension to the dark, mysterious Serie R is La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro, a bold blend with tobaccos sourced from independent farms from the Jalapa Valley.

Handmade in Nicaragua, Serie R Black Maduro contains both a Nicaraguan binder and filler, draped in a mouthwatering, smooth US Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This medium to full-bodied blend releases notes of bold, peppery creaminess, and an elaborate combination of spice and sweetness with a savory, long finish all the way to the nub. Give Serie R Black Maduro a try today, and enjoy the bold, new offering from La Gloria Cubana.

Q & A: How do you properly store tubo cigars?

How do you properly store tubo cigars?

8/05/16 | by GM of North Arlington, NJ

If your cigars come in a tubo it is best to age them inside the tube in your humidor just like any other cigar. Although it may seem like your cigar is safe without added humidity, the main purpose of the tube is to just provide protection to the cigar. Many enthusiasts will opt for a cigar that comes in a tubo to enjoy that day because it is easy to just throw it in your pocket and go without worrying about damaging the cigar. If tubo cigars are left out of your humidor without humidification, they will eventually dry out over time because you cannot count on them being airtight. Inside your humidor, they will take on the humidity, albeit at a much slower rate than cigars not in tubes.

by Dave

Review: Latitude Zero Excursion

Dave Your Lucky Find

A bit of a hidden gem within the cigar industry, Latitude Zero is crafted in Nicaragua by the world’s most premier tobacco growers and broke out onto the scene last year with an exquisite blend featuring a top-grade Habano Ecuador wrapper. This time around they turn their focus to a maduro leaf and simply nailed it out of the park. Dressed in a dark and toothy US Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and packaged up in handmade leather pouches, this cigar is quite a looker. But it’s the flavor that truly wows you. This medium to full-bodied cigar offers up hearty notes of chocolate and coffee right off the bat. Followed up by undertones of earth, leather, and some pepper, this cigar is incredibly rich yet always smooth.

Article Image

Article: Expert Tip: Foray into Full

​By: Tim Blythe

Open up any cigar publication with rankings and reviews, and you’ll notice most of the top-rated blends are full-bodied, yet the majority of the top-selling brands are mellow to medium. What explains this anomaly? One theory is that many cigar enthusiasts consider themselves “subtle smokers” and would never considering lighting up — let alone purchase — something full to try. While I generally empathize with this line of thinking (most days I gravitate towards mellow to medium-bodied blends myself), frankly full-bodied deniers are selling themselves short. I’m a firm believer in the old adage “there’s a time and a place for everything,” and there’s certainly situations where a full-bodied blend is best. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “But I only like mellow cigars.” Ask yourself why that is. Is it the flavor, or the lack of spiciness? Do you dislike the feeling some stronger cigars can cause? There are reasons, and reactions, for both that can completely change your experience.

If you enjoy a large, fatty, flavorful meal first (before the full-bodied cigar), the strength and any discernable spiciness will better cut through the existing taste sensations already on your palate. Which, in turn, will help mute some of the cigar’s intensity. Making sure the meal is filled with fatty foods is also key, as fat is not only delicious on its own, but it attaches to your palate in a way that enhances the cigar experience. Similar to the way a fine wine, port, or whisky opens up the flavor of a cigar, a choice cut of steak or a perfectly baked salmon filet can make all the difference in the world. 

The large meal will not only help bring out the nuances of the cigar, but it is also crucial to ensuring an enjoyable experience. Having a full stomach helps temper a strong blend’s power, making it a much more relaxing time overall. Even simply snacking on some dark chocolate or dried fruit during your session will do the trick.

So before you swear off full-bodied blends, remember that if you prepare your palate and body with a hearty meal beforehand, chances are you’ll find the stronger cigars that are dominating the industry’s ratings and best-of lists can be thoroughly enjoyable, and may open your mind and palate to a world of flavors you didn’t know existed.

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