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Spotlight Brand: Padilla Habano

September 18, 2015 |

The ‘90’ rated gem returns.

Padilla Habano is back with the same mouthwatering ‘90’ rated blend. Many consider the Padilla Habano as Ernesto Padilla’s crowning achievement, and as his tour de force of tobacco blending. This cigar is top-notch and sure to reach legendary status among aficionados.

Arriving dressed in a gorgeous Ecuador habano wrapper, the blend is completed with a Cuban-seed Jalapa binder and Cuban-seed long-leaves from Condega and Esteli, Nicaragua. This premium handmade features tantalizing flavors of leather, wood, spice, pepper, and a hint of chocolate. This medium-bodied cigar is buttery and smooth with flawless construction and a pleasant clean finish. The overall experience is reminiscent of feistier Cuban cigars and will please today’s discerning aficionados. 

Q & A: Cleansing your palate

On the weekends, I enjoy a few cigars in a day. What’s the best way to clean my palate between blends?

9/03/15 | by FW of Wilkes Barre, PA

As stronger and stronger cigars become the norm in the industry, enthusiasts will find their cigar’s flavor remains on their palate many hours after the cigar has been extinguished. This isn't a bad thing, but sometimes you want a fresh palate after a cigar especially if you’re tasting wines, scotch, or food. So how do you get rid of it? Start with water at room temperature. This should do the trick for a little bit and it might even help cleanse the palate for medium-bodied cigars. For stronger blends though, start with dry crackers. The texture and dryness of the crackers will help remove any of the remaining flavors that linger on your tongue. However, the best way to cleanse your palate is to use any citrus based food or beverage (i.e. anything made from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc, including sorbet). The acid of the citrus cuts right through the cigar's flavor and leaves your palate feeling refreshed.

by Sean G

Review: La Palina Red Label

Sean G You'll love this lady in red
La Palina Red Label hails from the PDR factory in the Dominican Republic and appears to be flawlessly constructed with no soft spots and a beautifully applied triple cap. On the cold draw there are hints of sweetness and some readily apparent pepper. This cigar has a gorgeous reddish-hued Ecuador Habano wrapper, and upon lighting I am greeted with a not so subtle blast of red pepper. As the cigar progresses the flavor profile settles down and comes to include notes of citrus fruit, baking spice, graham cracker, and cedar. I would say the strength is a flavorful medium and I am overall impressed with the construction as it burned perfectly and required no touch-ups. This was an immensely pleasurable cigar, although a little mellower than I generally prefer, and for those that enjoy medium-bodied blends I would recommend the La Palina Red Label without hesitation.
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