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Spotlight Brand: Leon Jimenes

July 5, 2006 |

A Dominican classic...

From the Dominican Republic’s oldest factory comes León Jimenes: a brand created to honor La Aurora’s founders, Eduardo León Jimenes, and his brother, Herminio León Jimenes. This medium-bodied cigar was introduced in 1987, and has since been a consistently top-selling cigar in the U.S. This premium is actually the personal blend of Fernando León, who was the father of Guillermo León, the current president of La Aurora and third-generation cigar maker.

What makes it so popular is its unique Dominican filler and binder that are wrapped in a silky Connecticut Shade wrapper. This combination of tobaccos yields a medium-bodied handmade laden with notes of rich coffee bean, caramel, and hints of roasted nuts. The complexity of this blend is the result of an additional three years of aging once rolled. The incredibly smooth nature of this cigar makes León Jimenes ideal for newer enthusiasts, as well as seasoned veterans who are looking to explore the subtle hallmarks of an older blend.

Q & A: How Cigars can Develop when Smoked and Why

Why do some cigars start out mellow-bodied and end up full-bodied? Is it because of nicotine or tar build up?

6/29/06 | by JH of Boston, MA


Each leaf that is used to make a cigar is placed in accordance to how it will affect the overall taste and burn. When a cigar starts out mellow and becomes full, it is because of how the leaves are placed in the filler. A cigar can develop in richness and flavor as it burns. Depending on what tobaccos are used in a cigar, it can either offer a complex or straightforward profile to the aroma. A tobacco leaf has two ends, the tip and the stem. Traditionally in Cuba, cigars are made with the tip of the leaf, or the lightest part of the leaf towards the foot, and the stem end, which is the richest and thickest part of the leaf towards the head. When the cigar is smoked it will burn through the different flavor zones providing a consistent development of flavor.

by Dave

Review: Punch Rare Corojo (2017)

Sean G Punch Rare Corojo

Rothschild (4.5"x50): Smooth oily wrapper with cedar pre-light aroma. Slow pull with some burn issues throughout. Gradual build in body and aroma finishing medium to full. Wood and nut flavors, slightly too much work but yielded excellent flavors.

Pita (6.1"x50): Dark and toothy wrapper. Slightly tighter draw but produced a lot of smoke. Spice through nose and on palate. Rich aroma and heavy wood notes. Consistent and complex filling the palate with flavor and texture.

El Doble (6.0"x60): Toothy with a reddish brown wrapper. Rich aromas off of the first puff and consistent. Some burn issues throughout. Cool on the palate with some spice on the finish. Burn evens out with a little patience, otherwise wrapper went up like a fuse. Cedar and wood notes predominant.

Double Corona (6.7"x48): Dark and oily, gorgeous wrapper. Excellent burn and draw with an ash that fell even with the foot. Very consistent with a gradual build in character with nut and cedar tones. Well balanced and complex.

Magnum (5.1"x54): Dark and oily wrapper. Smooth draw with a lot of smoke and a sweeter flavor on the palate. Spice through nose and a gradual build in body. Even burn with an ash that fell flush with the foot. Slow smoking with a rich and robust flavor and aroma.

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