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Q & A: Young vs Wet Cigar

Sometimes cigars are referred to as young, or wet. What is the difference between the two and what does it mean?

7/12/06 | by BC of Princeton, NJ

The term ‘young’ refers to cigars that were rolled a short time ago, meaning that a young cigar is one that has been fully fermented and has rested at least 90 days. So it is young in comparison to a cigar that has been around for years. The term ‘young’ can also be mistaken for cigars that were made with improperly fermented tobacco. ‘Wet’ cigars and ‘young’ cigars are relatively close in the cigar making process, but there are clearly differences in the two. Consumers rarely see ‘wet’ cigars because it is not the final product that can be found in stores, but a step in the cigar making process. Specifically, a wet cigar has an ammonia smell that is a byproduct of the fermentation that was restarted when the leaves were moistened before being rolled. If you receive a box of wet cigars, let them sit for a few months out of cellophane or in an open box in a humidified area.

by Dave

Review: Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Bryan Don Carlos
Don Carlos Presidente (6.5"x50): Silky smooth, oily and toothy with a dark aromatic wrapper. Amazing pull with a burst of flavor and lots of smoke. Subtle sweetness with a very tight flake-less ash, very smooth flavor. Very consistent, slightly bitter 2nd half but faded away. Medium to full flavor with a smooth body. Solid cigar.

Don Carlos Double Robusto (5.75"x52): Toothy, oily, with a silky smooth wrapper, excellent vein construction. Milky smooth start with thick smoke. Slightly tight pull but a lot of flavor. Earthy aroma and sweet on the palate. Slightly uneven burn. Very consistent body and aromas. Not the best of the line.

Don Carlos No. 2 (6.0"x55): Toothy, silky smooth with a dark wrapper, solid to the touch. Effortless draw with a very rich aroma. Smooth thick smoke with a dark gray ash, some floral notes. Not too sweet on the palate. Not the greatest burn but complex, consistent and balanced.

Don Carlos No. 3 (5.5"x44): Oily, Toothy, silky and a slightly veiny wrapper that’s solid to the touch. Effortless draw with a mellow start. Filler burned slightly slower than binder and wrapper. Very consistent, slightly complex without too much development. Well balanced, medium all around, foot to nub. Very consistent Don Carlos character and flavor.

Don Carlos Belicoso (5.38"x52): Oily, toothy with nice leaf construction. Very consistent flavor. Slightly uneven burn, fixed itself. Long flakey ash that fell fairly flush with foot. Slightly sweet aroma and finish, very rich flavors and well balanced. Fairly consistent the whole way through with a gradual build in body down to the nub.

Don Carlos Robusto (5.25"x50): Oily, seamless, toothy, slightly veiny wrapper. Effortless draw with lots of smoke. Soft start with lots of flavor. Even burn with a sweet aroma. A little spice on finish, thick smoke. Tight, solid ash that fell flush with the foot. Very consistent with a gradual build in body.

Don Carlos No. 4 (5.13"x43): Smooth, seamless, oily and toothy wrapper. Easy draw with lots of smoke and a tight dark ash. Excellent burn and construction. Slight spice developed, great aroma. Slight tar build up near the end. Very consistent the whole way through, great cigar and a great size for the blend
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