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Spotlight Brand: Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

September 6, 2006 |

An ode to a legend. 

Don't be thrown by the spelling of "Caeser" - it's named for Julius Caeser Newman, founder of J.C. Newman cigars. The company dates back to 1887 and Diamond Crown Julius Ceaser premium cigar was created as a tribute to the company's 115th anniversary and as a way to honor the founding father's 135th birthday. Beginning with modest means rolling cigars in Cleveland, J.C. Newman now operates out of Miami, with third generation Newmans at the helm. 

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is rolled in small batches by the Fuente family, and production is limited. Boasting a 93-rating and an impeccable construction, this cigar is a fitting tribute to this storied brand. Cloaked in an Ecuador Havana-seed wrapper overtop a Dominican binder and eclectic mix of Caribbean basin and Central American fillers, this gem of a cigar is unlike anything you've seen before. Smooth, yet robust flavors abound, including rich coffee, sweetness, spice, and wood.

Q & A: Understandng Vitolas

What the Heck is a "Vitola"?

9/04/06 | by KJ of Cupertino, CA

Vitolas can represent the name or shape of a cigar, depending how it is used. The word Vitola originated in old Cuba and was commonly used in the factories. Every cigar, specifically Cuban cigars, have two sets of Vitola names. To understand vitolas, let's first look at two different representations of the word. First, there is vitolas de galera, which translates to factory or production vitolas. Vitolas de galera represents the factory name that is given to a cigar. Even when the final product may be different, i.e. different blends or commercial names, the vitola is always the same in the factory. It is basically the shape that the factory refers to when making a specific cigar. Vitolas de galera are used only at the factory and not intended for the customer to know, and it is not stated anywhere on the cigar or packaging that it comes in.

by Bryan


Bryan Titan
Dark, smooth wrapper with a pungent nose. Easy draw with plenty of thick, rich smoke. Medium bodied and wet on the palate. A good amount of spice on the palate and through the nose. Slightly sweet with a long finish. Became harsh with minor burn issues.
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