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Q & A: Flavor Profile According to Size

If a cigar blend uses the same tobacco, why do different sizes in the same line have different tastes?

8/01/13 | by TB of West Palm Beach, FL

​Cigars of the same brand and blend can taste different according to size. It is important to understand that the wrapper is the key factor to the flavor of a cigar (the filler mostly contributes to the body). This idea leads to the thought that since a cigar is smaller, the wrapper adds more flavor and characteristic to the cigar because there is less filler in proportion to the wrapper leaf. However, a good cigar maker blends cigars to taste the same, regardless of size.

by Bryan

Review: CAO Gold Cigars

Bryan Solid Gold
Churchill (7.0"x48) Rich aroma right off the bat. Thick creamy smoke with spicy notes of wood and nuts. Great burn with a long dense ash. Well balanced and complex. Consistent the whole way through.

Torpedo (6.2"x52) Silky, slightly rough wrapper. Great draw which delivered plenty of full flavored smoke. Nut and wood tones with spice on finish and through nose. Balanced and consistent throughout with nice complexity.

Robusto (5.0"x50) Creamy Brown and Silky wrapper. Excellent construction with a perfect draw and razor burn. Became slightly soft at the end. Creamy smooth smoke with some honey and nut flavors. Light and rich aroma with some cedar notes. Long finish, consistent with great balance.

Corona (5.5"x42) Seamless golden brown wrapper. Great construction with some spice through the nose. Cedar and wood flavor and aroma. Dry finish and an outstanding burn. Consistent and well balanced. Not very complex but great to the nub.

Corona Gorda (6.5"x50) Oily, creamy brown wrapper. Slightly under filled with a tight pull and a lot of initial spice through the nose. Some burn issues throughout. Heavy wood flavors with some bitterness.

Double Corona (7.5"x54) Big cigar with a rich and creamy wrapper. Easy draw with a great deal of thick smoke. Fairly even burn with minor issues. Medium-full flavor, consistent and well balanced. Heavy cedar flavors with spice through the nose.

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