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Spotlight Brand: Oliva Serie 'O'

October 18, 2006 |

O Yeah! The first and still one of the finest.

Serie 'O' is the first major blend released by the Oliva Family. The family and close knit team that runs Oliva takes exceptional pride in the quality of their cigars, regardless of specific blend or price. They are one of the largest tobacco growers and much of the leaf they utilize is their own. They oversee every aspect of production, from seed to smoke, which is not an easy feat and actually quite rare in the industry. For this reason, we love Oliva products because they believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, but its the people they work with — employees, friends, family, and other similar minded companies — that mean more to Oliva than any sales reports, current cigar trends, review/advertising publications, or marketing firms. Amazingly consistent with refined flavor profiles & quality construction across their entire portfolio, regardless of price.

Serie 'O' earns its O as the original Oliva blend to hit the market. The all-Nicaraguan tobaccos used give this cigar a medium well-rounded body and aroma. A silky Nicaraguan Habano wrapper finishes this cigar making it look almost as good as it tastes. The blend's release in 2005 was met with some of the highest ratings ever received including a '92' rating from Cigar Aficionado. Don't pass up a chance to smoke the fabulous flagship blend from the most respected cigar families in the industry.

Q & A: Humidity Levels for Different Wrapper Types

I keep my humidor around 70% humidity but I still have burning problems with some of my favorite sticks. Can you help?

10/16/06 | by DS of Waterloo, IA

This is a great question. The answer lies in understanding the composition of the tobacco used in a particular cigar. Different primings on the tobacco plant not only produce different flavor profiles and body strengths, they produce different textures in the leaf. Leaves that are exposed to the sun longer (ligero and volado primings) will be thicker than those harvested earlier (seco primings). Cigars that use the upper primings and heartier leaves will have a better combustion if stored at a lower RH (relative humidity) level.

by Bryan

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