Spotlight Brand: La Aurora

La Aurora

From the first Dominican cigar factory.

Very subtle and smooth, La Aurora is the cigar of choice for many aficionados. La Aurora is one of the world’s oldest cigar brands, originating in the Dominican Republic in 1903. Today, La Aurora is rolled in the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Lending this experience to the production of these world-renowned cigars has ensured perfect construction of each cigar off the factory floor.

The La Aurora blend is very subtle and smooth, making it ideal for cigar enthusiasts in search of a mellow Dominican that has a flavorful aroma. A cigar like La Aurora does not survive 100+ years in the cigar industry without good reason. Year after year, this cigar is one of the nation’s best sellers. Aficionados who at one time were faithful Macanudo and Don Diego smokers are flocking to this brand, attracted by its reasonable price and even more so by its enticing flavor. Taste over a century of elegance with La Aurora.

Q & A: Cigar Ash

Why do some cigars have a white ash while others are more black?

10/30/06 | by CJ of Fenton, MO

There are two schools of thought that need to be considered when talking about the color of a cigar ash. First, the chemical composition of the soil that the tobacco was grown in. Second, the age of the cigar. An ash is more than just the burnt remains of a good cigar, it can tell a story. 

by Bryan