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Q & A: Legality of Cuban Cigars

Is it legal to buy Cuban cigars?

2/05/07 | by PZ of Norwich, CT

Only Cuban cigars or cigars made with Cuban tobacco that were imported into the United States prior to trade embargo that went into effect on July 8, 1963 are legal to posses or consume. To our knowledge very few bales of authentic pre- embargo tobacco exist in the world, one of which is owned by the Eiroa family of Camacho Cigars.

by Sean G

Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Sean G Hemmingway Maduro

Untold Story Maduro (7.5"x53) Dark and oily wrapper on this large perfecto. A fair draw and even burn. This cigar boasts a rich chocolate aroma with strong earthy undertones. Dry finish with hints of cherry.

Short Story Maduro (4.5"x49) Dark and toothy wrapper. The smoke is damp and very well refined with hints of sweetness and peat and a surprisingly short finish. Mellow to medium bodied with a moderate flavor.

Signature Maduro (6.0"x47) A nice sweet cigar with a good burn and solid ash. The sweet notes are well balanced with a slight spiciness and a moderate finish.

Masterpiece Maduro (9.0"x52) This large perfecto is a great cigar that has a great deal of complexity. Peaty balanced aroma on the palate with a longer sweet finish. Medium bodied with a rich full flavor.

Classic Maduro (7.0"x48) This cigar had some burn issues with a flavor that was slightly off balance. Damp and earthy aroma with a moderate finish.

Work of Art Maduro (4.7"x60) This fat perfecto was dark and toothy but burned a bit hot. Peaty with hints of sweetness and a short buttery finish. The moderate flavor was not balanced. Medium bodied.

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