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Spotlight Brand: Romeo y Julieta Viejo

April 18, 2007 |

A bold new face to a timeless brand.

Viejo, the latest addition to the Romeo y Julieta family, is a complex, fuller flavored blend.

The legendary Romeo y Julieta brand emerged from Cuba in 1875. Since its inception, Romeo has gradually risen to unparalleled popularity among cigar aficionados and currently represents one of the best selling brands in the U.S. The success of this brand stems from its variety of blends and sizes, most of which are made in the Dominican Republic.

The Viejo is the most exciting Romeo y Julieta line extension. Not only is it the best-looking Romeo y Julieta available, but it is also the most complex. Featuring a San Andres maduro wrapper, this cigar is perfectly accented by a multi-country blend of fillers, creating a perfect balance on the palate. The flavor boasts notes of wood and bread, provides a moderate finish, and is medium in body. Each cigar is box pressed and comes packaged in traditional boxes of 20.

Q & A: Cigars vs. Cigarettes

What is the difference between cigarettes and cigars?

12/03/13 | by RG of Fairfax, VA

Cigars and cigarettes share almost nothing in common. In fact, this misconception is something that cigar makers and retailers spend a lot of time and money to dispel. When you consider the composition of a cigarette, you would be surprised to find out how little actual tobacco is in each one. Conversely, a cigar is made with 100% premium tobacco and, for the most part, does not include the additives used in cigarettes.

by Bryan

Review: Torano Exodus Silver

Bryan Exodus Silver

Corona Grande (6.0"x46) Beautiful brown wrapper and pleasant aroma, this medium to full bodied cigar has earthy notes of cocoa. Well balanced with a moderate finish.

Torpedo (6.5"x54) This spicy medium to full bodied cigar has a luscious wrapper and great flavor that is accompanied by some minor burn issues. Notes of leather and cocoa on the palate.

Robusto Corto (4.7"x52) Medium to full bodied with an exceptionally rich flavor that brings espresso and cocoa notes to the palate. Became a bit hot and soft toward the end.

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