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Q & A: Glass Top Cohibas?

A friend of mine came back from Mexico yesterday and gave me a box of Cohibas that are packaged in a glass top box. All the Cohibas I have seen come in wood boxes, are these legit?

5/14/07 | by JT of Thibodaux, LA

Unfortunately your friend has fallen victim to one of the most frequently counterfeited cigars in the world. No Cuban cigars come packaged in glass top boxes. Over 80% off all "Cuban cigars" are actually counterfeits. A majority of these bogus sticks are purchased in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. While some aficionados swear they can tell a counterfeit simply by looking at a cigar, it is not always that easy. The packaging and bands found on the best counterfeit Cubans are a close representation of the genuine article. While Cuban cigars carry the "forbidden fruit" mystique, the truth is that cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are considered comparable if not better. My advice is to stick with cigars that are legal and regulated in the United States and to buy your cigars only from reputable dealers.

by Sean G


Dave 5 Vegas Classic

Torpedo (6.0"x54) Beautiful figurado with an oily wrapper. The draw on this cigar is generous, yielding copious amounts of smoke that bring wood and nut flavors to the palate with hints of spiciness.

Corona (5.5"x44) This petit cigar has the most flavor relative to the other sizes offered in 5 Vegas Classic line. Well made with cedary flavors and a moderate finish. Medium bodied.

Robusto (5.0"x50) Well filled cigar that has a heavy feel in the hand. Dry on the palate with notes of wood and hints of spice and leather.

Double Corona (6.0"x48) A medium bodied cigar with a moderate finish and rich flavor. Cedary, wood notes with hints of nuts and spice. Some sweetness on the palate.

Churchill (7.0"x52) This fat Churchill has an excellent leather, wood and nut flavor that become spicy as the cigar burns. Medium to full bodied with a long finish.

Panatela (6.0"x38) This long and skinny cigar has some draw and burn problems. Spicy with some wood notes. Becomes hot and bitter.

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