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Spotlight Brand: God of Fire by Arturo Fuente

Very special and rare, vintage cigars.

God of Fire is one of the most limited production lines made by the famous Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic.  

A joint effort between the industry’s top cigar maker (Fuente) and top accessory maker (Prometheus), God of Fire is one of the rarest cigars produced by the Fuente Family. In an effort to outdo each other, father and son Carlos and Carlito Fuente set out to make the best cigar they could, tailoring every aspect of the cigar from its size and its blend to suit their respective tastes. The resulting blends are the core of the God of Fire line, and are released in such small quantities that they rarely surface for sale.

Don Carlos: 
While similar to the original Don Carlos blend, this cigar has a profile all its own. Complex, smooth, and full-bodied, Don Carlos is an absolute masterpiece.

Slightly stronger than Don Carlos, Carlito is brimming with Dominican long-fillers and encased with a toothy Cameroon wrapper. Full-bodied with notes of spice, this cigar balances potency with elegance.

With fewer than 50 authorized God of Fire dealers worldwide, this cigar is hard to find and we receive special allocations only a few times a year.

Q & A: Alternative Cigar Storage

I have a desktop humidor for my singles but recently started buying cigars by the box for aging. The only problem is that I don't have a suitable place or budget for a large cabinet humidor to store them in. What other options for cigar storage are there?

6/04/07 | by DG of Lenexa, KS

​Great question. Something that is very popular among the more budget minded cigar lovers is transforming a cooler into a humidor. These are typically referred to as coolerdors or iglodors. All you need to construct the perfect cooler humidor is a cooler of your choice (I recommend at least a 100qt size), some Spanish cedar, several jars of cigar gel and a digital hygrometer.

by Bryan

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