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Q & A: What Is a Boutique Cigar?

It is not uncommon for people to ask us the difference between boutique and national brands. In fact, the word boutique may very well be the most overused term in the entire cigar business. While boutique and national brands are both very successful and popular in the cigar world, each has its own merits that makes it relatively favorable. In the simplest terms, a cigar's designation as boutique or national is completely dependent on its annual production. If you consider it in terms of wine, a Penfolds or Kendall Jackson would be considered a national brand with millions of bottles being produced each year. This type of variety contrasts greatly from say a Bryant Vineyard Cabernet which is limited to fewer than 1,000 bottles annually. In this scenario, the later is considered boutique.

7/02/07 | by JC of Jackson, MS

Q: So which is better?

by Bryan

Review: Oliva Serie 'O' Maduro

Dave Oliva Serie O Maduro

Perfecto (5.0"x55) An exquisite perfecto that showcases deep, damp and earthy notes of peat with exceptional balance and complexity.

Double Toro (6.0"x60) This big ring cigar burns cool with a slight sweetness and full flavor that includes leathery espresso notes.

Robusto (5.0"x50) Medium to full bodied with a robust and earthy flavor, this robusto is complex and balanced with cocoa, espresso, leather and earthy flavors.

Churchill (7.0"x50) A firm, dark cigar with an oily wrapper, this cigar has is a bit more subtle than the others but maintains complexity with notes of leather and peat. Medium to full bodied.

Torpedo (6.0"x52) A firm and well rolled figurado that had some minor burn issues but overall is a fantastic cigar. Leather notes of espresso are on the palate with a subtle and sweet, moderate finish.

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