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Spotlight Brand: CAO America Cigar

August 1, 2007 |

CAO America Cigar: USA USA USA!!

CAO America Cigar is a pinstripe style barber pole cigar that combines two beautiful Connecticut wrappers: one golden shade-grown and one broadleaf maduro.

CAO is one of the most innovative cigar companies in the world. By creating unique blends with exotic tobaccos and packaging them in sleek and trendy boxes, CAO appeals to every cigar enthusiast, from the hobbyist to the seasoned aficionado. 

CAO America carries a lofty reputation. And it’s not because it earned a ‘92’ rating. It’s because anyone who looks at the cigar is truly mesmerized. The sleek barber-pole wrappers (comprised of maduro and Connecticut) paired with the sleek band design make for one of the most attractive cigars on the market. But this isn’t just a pretty face. A peek just beneath uncovers a four-country blend (Nicaraguan, Dominican, Italian, & American tobaccos) that offers a truly unique, layered complexity to the cigar. Starting off with a hearty, earthy spice, the blend then transitions to rich maduro textures all the while offering brief glimpses of smooth vanilla throughout. This is a cigar to be proud of.

Q & A: Triple Cap?

I was at a cigar event with a roller and heard him say he mounts the heads on his cigars, what does this mean?

7/30/07 | by CJ of Slidell, LA

Mounting the head of a cigar is more commonly known as giving the cigar a "triple cap." This practice originated in Cuba and is significantly more laborious. In fact, a mounted cigar takes twice as long to construct when compared to the average hand rolled cigar. You can identify a mounted head by looking at the head of the cigar from the side. On a standard hand rolled cigar you will see one or two faint lines. This is where the cap finishes and is the line at which the cigar must be cut under. The function of the cap to is to hold the wrapper together when you smoke your cigar. If you have ever had a cigar unravel on you while smoking it, chances are you cut the cigar too deep. On a mounted cigar, you should see three lines or what appears to be three separate caps.

by Bryan

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