Spotlight Brand: Alec Bradley MAXX

Maxx By Alec Bradley

Five-country blend for one low price.

Rated '91' by Cigar Aficionado, Alec Bradley MAXX features an impressive blend of tobaccos from Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. While MAXX is exceptionally complex and flavorful, it remains balanced from start to finish. The hearty and rich flavor, with chocolate, charred meats, and a slight hint of sweet licorice on the finish, is thanks in large part to the unique utilization of two leaves in particular—a dark Nicaraguan maduro wrapper and a especially choice Costa Rican binder leaf. All together with a 4-country, long-filler blend, this remarkable recipe results in a unique and memorable cigar experience.

The only thing more appealing than the flavor of MAXX is the wide variety of sizes offered. Available from 5 inches to over 9 inches long, each front mark has a thick ring gauge to ensure this cigar remains cool as it burns. Best of all, the prices are absolutely unbeatable!

Q & A: What Is a Barber Pole Cigar?

What is a barber pole cigar?

8/13/07 | by JF of Charlotte, NC

Barber Pole refers to a style of cigar that is rolled with two contrasting wrappers. Once rolled, these wrappers are presented in such a way that they spiral around the barrel of the cigar entwined in a "Barber Pole" fashion. While some of these cigars are made for pure aesthetics, many are carefully blended to achieve a certain flavor profile that combines elements and components of various wrappers.

by Dave