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Spotlight Brand: My Father El Centurion

September 5, 2007 |

A limited edition, Nicaraguan puro from My Father Cigars.

The El Centurion is the first numbered production project by legendary cigar maker Jose “Pepin” Garcia.  

Because of an extremely rare strand of corojo wrapper used to create the El Centurion, only 800 boxes were produced making this the smallest, most elite project 'Don Pepin' Garcia has ever undertaken. Although not as full bodied as many of his other blends, the El Centurion is a welcome departure from what aficionados have come to expect from Pepin blends, thanks to a more mellow series of complex, smooth flavors.

With leather and light spice flavors at the center of this cigar, the El Centurion is a combination of finely aged and fermented Nicaraguan tobaccos. Due to this complex mixture, the El Centurion produces a rich aroma and maintains a very long finish. Medium to full bodied, these cigars have superb aging potential.

#16 Cigar of 2016 – ‘93’ Rated by Cigar Aficionado

Due to factory-based delays, some My Father blends are experiencing longer-than-usual backorder times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re working diligently with the manufacturer to acquire more product as soon as it becomes available.

Q & A: What Is Ligero?

What is ligero?

9/03/07 | by DW of Swampscott, MA

Each tobacco plant produces three major types of leaves. The term ligero refers to the leaves that grow at the top of each plant. Ligero actually means "light" in Spanish; however, the ligero leaf is known for its strength. This particular leaf gains all of its strength due to the nutrients it receives from the sun. Located at the top of the plant, ligero leaves receive the most sunlight and collect the most nutrients from the plant, and therefore have the potential to be much more potent then the leaves found beneath it. Ligero is the strongest type of tobacco currently available.

by Bryan

Review: Rocky Patel R4

Dave Rocky Patel R4

Robusto (5.0"x50) Maduro: Rich from start to finish and burns very evenly. This smoke is very easy to draw and contains rich notes of coffee in which the flavor is consistent throughout. Corojo: Very spicy with many nuances of pepper. The aroma has few hints of spice and the cigar is surprisingly smooth for its strength.

Toro (6.0"x52) Maduro: Contains some acidic flavors and becomes increasingly stronger with each puff. The smoke is very creamy and has a chocolate aroma, but no chocolate flavors. This cigar has a slightly tight draw and provides a noticeable sweetness on the palate. Slightly uneven burn. Corojo: Noticeable spice immediately to the lips. The smoke is somewhat creamy but includes accented notes of pepper. Again, the burn is a bit tight and uneven.

Torpedo (6.0"x52) Maduro: This torpedo burns evenly from start to finish and has a very good draw. Cocoa nuances engulf the palate and this smoke is complex in comparison to the others. The construction is flawless and there is very little acidic content. Corojo: Very complex, especially towards the finish. Many earthy undertones arise from the peppery nuances and this cigar seems to be bland if not for the spice it produces. The smoke does not overwhelm the palate and never gets too strong.

Double Corona (7.5"x52) Maduro: The draw is very tight and the wrapper is slightly oily with veins protruding throughout. Some acidic flavors are experienced immediately and then it mellows out into a rich body, with notes of espresso. The ash is very dark and there is a subtle sweet aftertaste which also includes some charcoal flavors. Corojo: This cigar is very mellow at first and then increasingly becomes stronger with spice and pepper flavors that cling to the back of the throat. The burn is even and the draw is very easy. The pepper flavors increase inch by inch, and provide a very long finish.

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