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Q & A: Machine Made vs. Premium

Why don't machine-made cigars need humidification but hand-rolled cigars must be carefully stored and treated properly?

9/17/07 | by DB of Athens, GA

​Machine-made cigars normally consist of short filler and tend to be no bigger in size than a cigarette. Because of their size and the small amount of tobacco needed to fill each cigar, machine-made cigars can be put through a special curing process known as "dry-curing." During this process, the cigars are baked at high temperatures to rid the tobacco of its moisture. The dry-curing process is very slow but when completed, the cigars will only require humidity levels of about 12-15 percent. Since the average room humidity is also 12-15 percent, machine-made cigars do not need to be kept in a humidor.

by Bryan

Review: Oliva Serie 'V'

Bryan Oliva Serie V

Torpedo (6.0"x56) This is the most preferred size in this blend. The stick is very easy to light and draw. It burns cool and the strength is very consistent from start to finish. The ligero qualities are not noticeably dominant until the last three inches. The finish contains many hints of pepper, but is very rich as well. Perfect balance.

Churchill Extra (7.0"x52) Again, very easy to light. The draw was not as loose, but this stick is pleasantly complex. The finish is very strong and hints of cocoa and espresso are evenly experienced throughout most of the smoke. These nuances then transform into strong hints of pepper and earthy undertones which can be easily noticed lingering in the back of the palate. A well constructed cigar producing lots of creamy smoke, this size is only second to the Torpedo.

Double Toro (6.0"x60) Noticed more cedar notes and chocolate nuances in comparison to other sizes. As expected, the draw is very smooth but the strength contains very little bite for being a 60 ring gauge. The smoke is very creamy and has an excellent aroma.

Double Robusto (5.0"x54) This size begins with some intense strength and flavor from the first puff. The nuances of coffee and earth seem accented in comparison to the other sizes. Noticeable spicy nuances are prominent throughout and this cigar has a strong, but pleasant finish.

Special V Figurado (6.0"x60) The shape is unique but causes a hassle when lighting. There is almost no flavor for the first couple of puffs and it gradually increases until the first inch is reached, then this stick really gives off some strength. It is well constructed, like the other sizes, but drastically mellows out after the first 2 inches are surpassed. Coffee flavors are very dominant on the palate and this size did burn very evenly.

Belicoso (5.0"x54) Noticed this stick burns very slow, even, and is incredibly smooth for the amount of peppery flavors it produces. Leaves a subtle taste of wood and cocoa on the lips, but the smoke is not as milky as expected. Burns a bit hotter in comparison to other sizes.

Lancero (7.0"x38) Due to its small ring gauge, the draw is very tight. The stick does burn even and slow but the heat can be felt on the fingertips. Tastes a lot stronger than the other sizes and the spicy notes are more noticeable over the coffee-like flavors.

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