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October 3, 2007 |

Q & A: Connecticut Seed Wrapper

What exactly is the difference between Connecticut seed wrapper grown in Connecticut verses Connecticut seed grown in Ecuador?

10/01/07 | by GT of Franklin, TN


Connecticut seed wrappers originated from the Windsor Valley in the United States and are still grown in the Connecticut River Valley as well. They are known for their light brown color and are thoroughly accepted by cigar smokers across the globe as being mellow in body. Individuals may prefer this leaf due to its smooth character and very mellow flavor. However, Connecticut wrappers are also grown in Ecuador. The reasoning behind this deals slightly with a change in flavor, but is mostly an economical decision. Generally, manufacturers will utilize Ecuador as a production site in order to curve labor costs. The wrapper color is about the same but sometimes it will resemble a Cameroon leaf, revealing a slightly darker shade of brown. Lastly, Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed leaves have a tendency to be even a bit more subtle than its predecessor, and also a bit smoother and less robust.

by Sean G

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