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Q & A: Water Pillows: “ What Are They?

I have recently received a Water Pillow with my order but have never seen or used one before. What exactly is a "Water Pillow?"

10/15/07 | by LJ of Ogden, UT

​​​Water Pillows are small packets that contain either Propylene Glycol or Polysodium Acrylate, which are small "crystals" that are extremely absorbent. In fact, these crystals can absorb a ratio of 500 to 1 in terms of water. When the Water Pillows are soaked in distilled water, the propylene glycol crystals absorb the moisture and rapidly expand, creating a small "pillow," hence its name. These pillows regulate humidity through the process of diffusion, by slowing releasing moisture and maintaining a relative humidity of 70%. Due to the natural release of 70% humidity, these Water Pillows are ideal when shipping or traveling with cigars, since they will keep them moist during transit and last about 3 to 4 weeks. Humi-Care is responsible for the original prototype and has also brought other similar products to light such as their 4 and 2 ounce crystal jars. Water Pillows are another reason why our cigars arrive moist and ready to smoke every time!

by Dave

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Article: Rocky Patel: A Man On The Move

​The cigar industry is not a place for the faint of heart. Manufacturers work incredibly hard to not only create a successful, well blended brand but to also improve their blends as often as possible in a quest to create the best tasting cigar on the market. Of course, with persistence comes quality and a quality product obviously sparks high demand among consumers. Rocky Patel understood this concept from day one and, because of his tremendous passion for the art of tobacco blending and cigar making, he has become one of the top players in the cigar industry.

Because of his ever increasing talent and popularity, Patel realized an expansion was necessary to keep up with the demand for his cigars. Therefore, to reach even more consumers, he is currently expanding production to Nicaraguan-based factories.

Rocky's journey began in the early 90's when he first introduced the Indian Tabac brand. Just in time for the boom, this introduction was timely, as Patel's Indian Tabac brand quickly gained popularity. Eventually, Patel closed a deal with Nestor Plasencia, which enabled him to use Plasencia's Honduran factories, El Paraiso and San Marco. Here, Rocky perfected the Indian Tabac lines in terms of quality, flavor and consistency, and opened the doors for new blends under his own name, Rocky Patel.

Today, Rocky Patel is responsible for creating such top-rated blends as the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990Rocky Patel Vintage 1992Rocky Patel Connecticut, Edge, Rocky Patel Sun Grown, and Rocky Patel Signature. His most recent additions, Rocky Patel Fusion, Rocky Patel Signature 500 and Olde World Reserve. All of which are very well received among the marketplace and add to the his already sterling portfolio. Just like the Indian Tabac brand, these cigars offer the ultimate in construction, top-notch tobaccos and superior blending to complete a fine smoking experience for any aficionado. Of these new releases, the Rocky Patel Fusion is probably the most unique. Consider it a concept cigar, where Rocky somehow managed to fuse the taste sensations of his beloved Vintage 1990 and Vintage 1992 blends. A masterpiece.

Production for these brands are spread among 3 massive factories in Honduras. Nestor Plasencia's El Paraiso and San Marco, and the old UST factory, which is now owned by General Cigar Company.

However, these 3 factories weren't enough for Rocky Patel, as his plan for world domination is not nearly finished. For this reason, he spread his roots to Nicaragua, a new home for his fantastic cigars. The first of which is quite controversial: Edge Counterfeits. You see, one of Rocky's top-selling cigars, the Edge, has allegedly become victim to several counterfeits, or other makers' versions of the Edge. To counter this, Rocky decided to knock off his own cigar, called Edge Counterfeits. Made in Nicaragua, these 'counterfeits' contain the same exact tobaccos used in the Honduran-made Edge, but come in boxes of 20 with 'Edge Counterfeit' stamped on the lid. A product of Rocky's incredible sense of humor but, more so, his constant drive to place his premium cigars in the hands of the consumer.

Rocky Patel, a man with who loved cigars and decided to make them a bigger part of his life. In reality, Patel was a sleeping giant who, once awoken, now creates some of the world's finest and best selling premium cigars. He has done nothing but consistently press forward in the industry to gain even more popularity and respect, awing consumers with his incredible smokes. The only question left to ask: will Rocky Patel ever slow down? Survey says, "Not likely!"

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