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Q & A: Punch vs. Guillotine Cutters

I have recently purchased some great cigars and noticed I have an option of using a Punch cutter or a Guillotine cutter. What exactly is the difference and which is better?

11/19/07 | by TM of Fond du Lac, WI

​Choosing the right cutter to use is a very important decision. Based on the type of cigar being smoked (size and shape) the use of a proper cutter can make or break the cigar smoking experience. Punch cutters are usually small items that resemble a cylinder shape. These cutters have a small circular blade that can be inserted into the head of a cigar, creating a small hole from which smoke can escape. Punch cutters are great when smoking cigars utilizing mixed or short filler because the hole created prevents loose tobacco from escaping into the palate, which can be a truly horrific experience. Using a punch cutter is also a great way to regulate how much smoke enters the palate, especially when smoking a cigar featuring a ring gauge of 54 or more. However, a punch cutter is not very effective on a torpedo or belicoso, due to the cigar's tapered head.

by Dave

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