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Q & A: Extinguishing a Cigar

I will be attending an event soon and plan on enjoying a few cigars with some fellow enthusiasts. When I am through with my cigar, is there a proper way to extinguish it?

12/17/07 | by LL of Key West, FL

​​​​​​​Most enthusiasts who enjoy cigars consider the act to be an art form, and it is. As with other forms of art, there are certain rules to be followed, which most refer to as "proper etiquette." In the same fashion, as one would aerate wine before drinking by swirling it around the glass, it is inappropriate to extinguish a cigar as one would put out a cigarette. Cigars contain an incredible amount of tobacco in comparison to cigarettes and they are blended to not only taste great, but to also release specific aromas. When finished with a cigar, an enthusiast should simply place it in an ashtray and allow it to extinguish itself. Due to the amount of tobacco, a cigar cannot keep itself lit and will quit burning within several minutes of inactivity. As the cigar sits in the ashtray, it will slowly continue to emit its aromas, which are usually very enjoyable.

by Sean G

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