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Spotlight Brand: Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo

Rocky's strongest and best-selling blend.

Like your cigars with a great deal of body and flavor? The Edge by Rocky Patel is one of the most robust cigars on the market. Rocky Patel is a big name in the cigar business, and everything he touches seems to turn to gold with high ratings and rave reviews. The Edge by Rocky Patel continues in this spirit with a raw, straight-from-the-factory type of look. The name of the cigar really says it all, with a full-bodied and full-flavored aroma that is anything but simple.

As cigar aficionados start preferring cigars with more body and flavor, the Edge is right there as a premium vintage cigar at a reasonable everyday price.The secret to the Edge is the 5 year old blend available in either Corojo, Maduro, or Candela wrappers. Each cigar is hand rolled in Honduras, and passes through a rigorous quality control process that ensures only the best cigars are put out to market. The full-bodied spicy aroma and super-long finish has made the Edge one of the hottest cigar brands ever made.

If you are ready to take your cigar hobby “to the edge,” then pick up a box of these premium cigars by legendary blender Rocky Patel.

Q & A: Who is Don Pepin Garcia?

I keep reading about Don Pepin Garcia in various magazines and hear his name mentioned all the time. Who is Don Pepin Garcia?

1/02/08 | by TC of Athens, GA

In 2007, many cigar makers enjoyed the limelight for their incredible handmade cigars; however, none of them have a history quite as unique as Jose 'Don Pepin' Garcia. Born in Baez, Cuba, Pepin began working with tobacco at the young age of 11. He quickly fell in love with the art of cigar rolling and worked in Cuba from 1963 until 2001. During this time Pepin perfected his craft, earning the title of 'Class 8 Roller,' the highest achievement a Cuban torcedere can achieve. He also achieved the rank of Master Blender and won awards for his advanced rolling abilities, which astonished not only his superiors but the entire cigar community of Cuba. In 2001, Pepin left Cuba to open his own factory, El Rey de los Habanos, in Miami, Florida. Here, he continues to produce some of the best cigars on the market. Due to heavy demand, Pepin opened a second factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, in 2007.

by Bryan

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