Spotlight Brand: Primeros Regionals - Costa Rican

Costa Rican Primeros

The everyday maduro you've been looking for...

Costa Rican Primeros combines a rich and sweet Costa Rican maduro wrapper with select Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers to make a cigar that is as tasty as it is affordable.

The Primeros brand is founded on the premise of selling a cigar that is the quality of a first for the extremely reasonable price of a second. In fact, in Spanish, Primeros translates to “firsts.” This line has captivated cigar lovers in search of a premium cigar that fits nicely into their budget for an everyday enjoyment.

Costa Rican Primeros is the fourth installment of the Primeros portfolio. Rolled with a dark and beautiful Costa Rican maduro wrapper, Costa Rican Primeros are the only maduro cigars in the Primeros line, rounding out this exciting brand. The rich full flavor of this cigar is balanced nicely with a smooth and well-rounded medium body that brings notes of peat, spices and hints of honey to the palate with a moderate finish. If you love maduro cigars and have been in search of a smoke that will suit your tastes and budget, look no further.

Q & A: Rolling Tools?

All of the cigars I buy say "Hecho a Mano" (made by hand). Do the rollers use any tools or just their hands?

4/14/08 | by JN of Bristol, CT

Cigar rolling is an art form and as artists use brushes to paint a masterpiece, cigar rollers do use some tools to assist in the process of creation. Specifically, the chaveta is a tool utilized to cut and shape each tobacco leaf into a perfectly sized wrapper or binder. The tool is about 3 to 4 inches long (about the length of your fist) and has a sharp, rounded blade that is rolled over each leaf, creating a perfect cut, without damaging the tobacco. A chaveta is also used to cut any excess tobacco from the cigar during the final stages of the process. Another tool commonly used is a punch cutter. Not to be confused with standard punch cutters, cigar rollers use this tool to create the caps for each cigar. These tools cut a small, circular piece of tobacco out of each leaf, which is then attached to the head of each cigar to provide a cap for the tobacco and also to improve the construction of each stick. There are many different punch cutters available for use, all utilizing a different ring gauge. Rollers also use a glue-like substance known as pectin and normally have a small jar or dish of water within arms reach. After a cigar is rolled, pectin is applied to the head of each stick, which keeps the wrapper in place and also aids in attaching the cap. Of course, the most commonly used tool and most preferred by all cigar rollers are their hands.

by Sean G