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Spotlight Brand: Romeo y Julieta Vintage Cigars

July 2, 2008 |

Why change perfection?

The legendary Romeo y Julieta tale continues with the Romeo y Julieta Vintage. As one of the most popular cigars in the world, the Romeo y Julieta brand debuted in Cuba in 1875, and has since established a strong reputation for uncompromising quality and flavor. Almost 100 years after the brand's creation production expanded outside of Cuba, and a new chapter was about to begin.

While brands and cigar companies have lasted decades in the business, you rarely find a blend that has remained intact that long. And with Romeo y Julieta Vintage, you get just that. Remaining unchanged for over 20 years, this Romeo comes loaded with mellow, yet flavorful Dominican fillers encased inside a light Connecticut wrapper. The result is one of the most universal blends in the business. Any enthusiast will enjoy the balanced cigar ripe with notes of cedar, cashews, and cream.

Q & A: Fumigating Cigars

I've heard some manufacturers fumigate their cigars before shipment. Is this safe?

7/02/08 | by PJ of Ypsilanti, MI

Indeed. Almost 90% of all manufacturers put their cigars through a process to keep insects, mostly tobacco beetles, from destroying their blends. Unfortunately, like all plants, tobacco serves not only as a home but also as food to many different types of insects. Before the cigars are shipped for distribution, some manufacturers freeze the tobacco, which rids the cigars of any pests including tobacco beetles. These insects can eat through a box of cigars in about two days and therefore this process is definitely necessary. Other manufacturers prefer fumigating their cigars before shipment. Since this process utilizes a gas and not a vapor to rid the cigars of any unwanted pests, it evaporates and dissipates quickly, leaving no residue. Each fumigation process differs from factory to factory, but none of them harm or taint the cigars since the gases used are odorless, flavorless, and do not saturate the sticks. 

by Dave

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