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Q & A: Biting to Cut?

I found myself with a great cigar but without a cutter. Is it possible to bite the tip off without causing any damage to the cigar?

8/04/08 | by LG of Dover, DE

Although biting the tip off of a cigar goes against “proper cigar etiquette,” it is an acceptable practice still implemented. Obviously, the proper method for cutting a cigar is to use either a punch, v-cut, guillotine cutter or cigar scissors. However, sometimes these tools are not readily available and drastic measures must be taken. If you are going to bite the tip off of a cigar, there is a particular method to follow so as to not damage the stick. First, only use your incisors (front teeth) to make the cut. However, instead of biting the head of the cigar where you would normally place your cutter, begin with the very tip of the cigar and try to pinch a small hole in the center using your two front teeth. Spin the cigar a quarter turn and repeat. By doing this, you will slowly increase the hole at the center of the cigar, without damaging the rest of the leaf. This method will also prevent an exorbitant amount of tobacco from entering your palate. If the cigar is moist enough, properly humidified, and/or freshly rolled, the cap should detach quite easily. If your cigar is a figurado (torpedos are most common), simply bite the tip off, and slowly take more and more until you reach the desired cut. Do not bite down on the head of a cigar where you would like the final cut to occur. This will guarantee you will not only smash the head, ripping the cap which will allow the cigar to unravel, but also push pieces of tobacco into your palate for an incredibly unpleasant experience. If you find you need to bite a cigar in order to enjoy it, remember, small incisions to the head of the cigar will prove useful while a massive chomp will only bring frustration. 

by Bryan

Review: CAO America Cigar

Sean G CAO America
Monument (6.2"x54) Complex with layers of spice and earth masked by an enjoyable underlying sweetness. The draw was a bit tighter than expected but the cigar burned even and true throughout. Strong, robust finish.

Constitution (6.0"x50) Burned even, true, and cool throughout. Offered competeing notes of earth and sweetness from start to finish without ever becoming too strong. Great size, perfect after lunch.

Potomac (5.0"x56) Smooth, easy draw that produced large amounts of creamy, white smoke. Not as complex as expected, with pepper and cocoa noticeable from start to finish. The ring gauge allows for a cool burn. Enjoyable after a hearty meal.

BottleRocket (7.0"x50) This churchill is smooth but does pack a punch. The initial light offers intense flavors of earth and pepper, which mellows after half an inch. The remainder is complex, with hints of chocolate and cedar throughout. Burned slightly hot to the touch, but offered thick clouds of smoke and an incredibly robust finish.

Landmark (6.0"x60) Very easy draw due to its massive ring gauge, but also incredibly powerful. The initial light offered a burst of pepper that faded into an earthy, peaty flavor. Complex, with many competing nuances of spice but very little sweetness. Expect at least 120 minutes of enjoyment.
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