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Spotlight Brand: 601 Blue Box-Pressed Maduro

August 20, 2008 |

Box-pressed. Big-flavor. '93' rated.

Erik Espinosa has been around many facets of the cigar industry. He's worked with Alec Bradley, Gurkha, Rocky Patel, and Drew Estate all in various capacities. To say the guy has been around the block is an understatement. And now, Espinosa has found a home. He has his own factory in La Zona, and is doing things his way with his acclaimed 601 brand and his own up-and-coming lines.

601 Blue Box-Pressed Maduro is an excellent choice when searching for a rich, medium to full-bodied cigar that tantalizes the palate with a natural sweetness. Bold and complex, this cigar is packed tightly with Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers, producing a thick and creamy smoke that offers a spicy-sweet aroma. The Nicaraguan maduro wrapper adds a natural sweetness to the blend, creating a perfectly balanced cigar as the box-pressed shape allows for a slow and even burn. 601 Box-Pressed Maduro offers a long finish, and is an excellent choice after a hearty meal.

Q & A: Humidor Temperature?

I just received a new humidor to house my cigars. What is the recommended temperature to keep my sticks in good shape?

8/20/08 | by ML of Macon, GA

The standard rule, regarding temperature and humidity, is referred to as the ’70-70’ rule. For the most part, cigars prefer 70 percent humidity along with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures each cigar has the moisture and heat needed to age properly. Since some cigars are fermented longer than others, like maduros for example, most of which utilize stronger, thicker leaves; a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable. Maduro wrappers don’t need as much humidity or heat as Connecticut wrappers due to the amount of oils in the leaves. However, no humidor should be kept at a temperature lower than 65 degrees. At a lower temperature, the aging process is drastically impaired and the cigars will begin to lose their unique flavors. If the temperature is kept above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the combination between heat and moisture may not only lead to the decomposition of the tobacco, but also to an infestation of tobacco beetles, which is never a fun experience. To remain on the safe side and guarantee the cigars in your humidor are aging properly and are being kept in the best condition possible, keep the humidity in each humidor at 70 percent with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

by Bryan

Review: La Herencia Cubana

Sean G La Herencia Cubana
Robusto (5.0"x50) Complex right from the start with a sweetness on the lips and earthy nuances on the palate. Spice was noticeable but not overwhelming. Allowed for a medium finish, cool burn, and produced a ton of creamy smoke.

Torpedo (6.5"x52) Great size – very complex. Offered nuances of pepper, peat, earth, cedar, sugar cane and a hint of vanilla with a robust finish. Easy draw and a perfect burn, which created a balanced flavor. The strength is never overwhelming while the finish is smooth and mellow.

Toro (6.5"x52) Robust during the first inch and then slightly mellowed before picking up more power after 3 inches. Initial flavor was peaty with a spicy aftertaste but the cigar burned unevenly. The smoke was creamy and left an aroma of cedar. The finish was very strong, robust, and rich.

Lonsdale (6.5"x44) Tight draw but burned evenly throughout. Produced many flavors of pepper with very little sweetness in the aftertaste. Burned slightly hot and produced a thin smoke with a robust finish.
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