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Q & A: What Makes a Cigar Limited?

What makes a cigar limited?

9/25/08 | by LB of Canon City, CO

 There are many factors to look at when determining why a cigar is "limited." Tobacco is a living plant and to produce more, it must be grown. However, certain variables alter the growing process such as weather, location, and the nutrients in the soil. With that in mind, it is an incredible feat to produce the same cigar, using the same blend, from year to year. If a cigar maker creates a cigar using tobacco from a particular crop, and the crop changes due to weather conditions, disease, or improper care, then the chances of that same blend being recreated are very slim. Secondly, the age of a cigar drastically affects how limited a blend can be. Most manufacturers tend to age their cigars for at least 1-3 months before shipping to retailers. However, some may age a blend for 5 years or more. The longer a cigar ages, the more likely it will be a limited stick. 

by Bryan

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