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Spotlight Brand: Tatuaje Miami

High quality, low quantity.

Tatuaje has quickly become one of the most popular brands available. Launched by Pete Johnson, the buyer for the Grand Havana Room, everything bearing the Tatuaje name seems to skyrocket to the top of the ratings...and these Miami made Tatuaje cigars are fantastic!

The Miami line is the most popular release from Tatuaje and owes its success to its striking similarity to some of the most popular Cuban cigars made today. This full-bodied line of cigars is completely made by hand in Miami's famous Calle Ocho neighborhood, which is also dubbed "Little Havana." Fewer than 300,000 cigars are rolled in this line each year, making them both expensive and at times, very difficult to find. The Nicaraguan tobacco and rolling process used lends to this blend's unique aroma that's only matched by tobacco grown in fertile Cuban soil. Tatuaje Miami was one of the first blends made at the factory and gained worldwide recognition for its flavor and body, which industry insiders are comparing to famous brands such as Fuente OpusX.

Q & A: What is a Preferido?

What is a Preferido?

3/25/15 | by SG of Layton, UT

The word Preferido is a Spanish term meaning “favorite.” It is also the original shape rolled at the La Aurora factory in 1903, which would make the name appropriate for their most premium line of cigars, La Aurora Preferidos. The preferido is a traditional size, taking on the form of a perfecto with the head and foot of the cigar tapering to a point, similar to a torpedo, as the body consists of a thicker center. A cigar with this shape produces a more complex blend, offering a variety of different flavors and strengths, due to the amount of tobacco in the cigar. Choosing a preferido is a good choice if concerned about quality; the shape can only be rolled by the most experienced torcedors.

by Andrew

Review: Tatuaje La Riqueza

Dave La Riqueza
#2 Torpedo (5.5" x 52) Excellent. Offered earthy nuances at first, then more robust flavors of spice became noticeable throughout. Maintained an even burn with an easy draw and emitted a milky smoke that had a leathery, cedar-like character. Very rich.

#3 (5.6" x 46) Initial light was very smooth, with the blend drastically increasing in power within a half inch of enjoyment. The burn was cool, and although slightly complex, the flavors remained consistent from start to finish.

#4 (5" x 48) Perfect draw and burn throughout with a good mixture of cedar, earth, and peppery nuances. Notes of earth were more exaggerated over spice, leaving a smooth finish on the palate. First two inches were very complex as the blend become more linear towards the head.

#1 (6.5" x 42) Very complex, with different flavors of spice and pepper changing throughout the burn. This size burned hotter than the others, mostly due to the small ring gauge, and became incredibly robust towards the final three inches. Many flavors of pepper were noticeable in this blend but the rich characteristics seem lost.

#5 (4.4" x 42) Offered a tight draw with a noticeably hot burn. Cigar was very robust, and scratched the back of the throat, as a ton of pepper and spice engulfs the palate. Although a relatively quick smoke, perfect for the winter season, expect more of a full-bodied robust characteristic over a richer, smoother medium-bodied character.
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