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Q & A: What Is An Infused Cigar?

What is an infused cigar?

11/17/08 | by JT of Antioch, TN


There are many different types of cigars on the market, but none are quite as unique as a properly infused cigar. Cigars maintain their flavor and aroma from the combination of filler tobaccos and wrapper leaves used in each blend. Some factors that determine a cigar's flavor include the type of tobacco utilized, their country of origin, and their age. However, it is possible to create a cigar that emits flavors and aromas not naturally found in the physical tobacco making up each cigar. The process for creating these types of cigars is known as "infusing." 

Infusing a cigar is not an incredibly hard task but one that takes time and patience. The most common infused cigars incorporate a cognac or whiskey into the blend, like Erin Go Bragh. The most unique, however, are the Acid cigars produced by Drew Estate. These cigars are infused with hundreds of different herbs and botanicals through a highly secretive process, which less than a handful of individuals know about. Regardless, there are two basic methods used to infuse a cigar. The first method involves injecting oils, botanicals, or spirits of your choice into the tobacco. This method is not recommended since it involves a needle and an incredible amount of time spent slowly injecting the cigar, which may not only damage the stick but also cause an inconsistent flavor and balance. The second, recommended method simply involves leaving the cigars in a sealed container (preferably a humidor only used for infusing), with the ingredients you've chosen to use during the process. After about 2 to 4 weeks (depending on how potent you prefer your cigars to be) remove the cigars from their aging container and they should be ready to enjoy. It is best to use mellower; Connecticut wrapped cigars for this process and to only infuse 20 to 30 cigars at a time. 

by Dave

Review: La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

Bryan La Aroma de Cuba Edition Especial
No. 2 (4.8" x 48) Easy draw with tons of different aromas. Burned perfectly even from start to finish and was incredibly complex. The smoke produced a ton of cedar-like nuances with a definitive cinnamon flavor in the aftertaste. Did not notice many sweet flavors.

No. 5 (5.5" x 52) Great size with a cool and even burn. Noticeably complex with cedar, earth, white pepper, and spicy notes intermingled throughout. Far from boring and produced a thick, creamy smoke. The wrapper was very oily and the aftertaste left a sweet flavor on the palate, with some hints of nutmeg.

No. 3 (6" x 50) Pepper fills the palate with the initial light, producing a robust experience from the start. The blend's medium-bodied character shifts halfway through to a more potent full-bodied flavor with spicy undertones that mask its cinnamon characteristics. Almost no sweet nuances were present, as the cigar burned slightly uneven. Complex, strong, and robust.

No. 1 (5.6" x 46) Offered many competing nuances between pepper, spice, and cinnamon. Noticeable sweetness left on the palate with an oily feel. Burned slightly hot to the touch and was very earthy. Robust.

No. 4 Torpedo (7" x 49) Robust from the start. Burned well but still maintained a tighter draw than expected. Earthy sensations were noticeable throughout with a unique sweet-pepper flavor left on the palate. Great aroma.
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