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Spotlight Brand: Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970

December 31, 2008 |

Antaño is a real piece of cigar history. 

As the first brand ever made in Nicaragua, Joya de Nicaragua is a favorite among aficionados who prefer cigars from this region.

Nicaragua is the fastest growing cigar manufacturing country in the world, but that hasn't always been the case. In 1964, the very first cigar factory opened in Nicaragua, which relative to other cigar producing nations is a late start. Joya de Nicaragua was the first real brand made in the factory, and in 1970 it was the cigar of choice in the United States, smoked by the elites of society and politicians of the day. With political corruption and communism plaguing Nicaragua, production of the Joya de Nicaragua brand ground to a halt.

Joya de Nicaragua's Antaño 1970 is the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar. This Nicaraguan puro was the first Nicaraguan blend ever made and remains the benchmark that all other cigars strive for. Encased inside a dark, oily Habano wrapper, Antaño 1970 packs a wallop. Notes of cedar, earth, and a healthy dose of spice make this the perfect end-of-day cigar, and one that'll keep you coming back for more.

Q & A: Calibrating a Hygrometer?

How do I calibrate my hygrometer?

12/23/08 | by GS of Cary, NC

Calibrating a hygrometer is not a complicated task; however, it does take some patience but knowing your hygrometer is accurately displaying proper humidity levels is well worth the time and effort. There are a few different methods for properly calibrating a hygrometer but the easiest and most sufficient is performing what is known as the 'salt test.' This test is simple, highly efficient, will work on digital or analog hygrometers, and only requires the following items: a bottle cap, salt, a plastic bag, and distilled water. First, take the bottle cap and fill it up halfway with table salt. Next, place a couple drops of distilled water onto the salt until it becomes slightly damp, but not soppy. Place the cap with the salt and water mixture into a plastic bag, add the hygrometer, and then seal the bag. A natural chemical reaction will occur between the salt and water, which will automatically create 75% humidity after 8 hours inside the plastic bag. Finally, check your hygrometer and adjust it accordingly. 

by Dave

Review: Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

Dave Pepin Garcia Serie JJ
Belicoso (5.7" x 52) Great burn and offered a perfect draw. Many competing nuances of earth and pepper were noticeable throughout. Slight hint of sugar existed in the finish.

Selectos (5" x 50) Robust flavors were present from the start but the cigar seemed a bit mellow for the blend. Burned slightly uneven but it corrected itself quickly. Noticed more earthy sensations over pepper.

Salomon (7.2" x 57) A complex blend that became incredibly robust after 2 inches. Strong and hearty with many spicy undertones and emitted a ton of smoke. 

Sublime (6" x 54) Offered a variety of complexities from start to finish and changed in flavor throughout. The draw was easy and the cigar burned cool. Smoke emitted a cedar-like aroma with a peaty characteristic. The finish was strong and really robust.
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